Monday, August 27, 2012


“…a time to scatter stones, and a time to gather them…” (Ecclesiastes 3:5, NIV). In Biblical days stones were used for a variety of purposes, one of which was as boundary markers. In thinking about boundaries, though, think about not only manmade boundaries, but also God-made boundaries. The Ten Commandments, for example, were boundaries which God set for His people. Today we not only have the written Word, but we have the Living Word indwelling us in the Person of the Holy Spirit. He instills boundaries within our lives that, if we take heed, keep us from wandering into sin and hurting our Father, ourselves and others.

We as believers belong to Jesus Christ (First Corinthians 6:19b-20a) and therefore are obligated to live within the boundaries which His teachings have established. When we attempt to “fudge” these boundaries, we are both foolish and dishonest. “Oh, what’s it going to hurt just this once?”  “It’s not like I’m going to keep on. I’m going to stop soon, I promise.”

God’s boundary stone (note the singular) is the Solid Rock of Ages and He is immovable, folks. If you think He will ignore your sin or make an exception for you, you’re wrong. Christian, if you continue to live in disobedience, your Heavenly Father will deal with you in the here and now. He’s a patient, loving God, but He will never allow one of His children to go undisciplined.

And if you don’t know Him as Lord and Savior, you’re at great risk of being dead wrong, which means without sincere repentance you’ll be paying for all eternity. “What sin?” you ask. Rejecting the free gift of salvation available only through God’s Only Son. This is the one and only sin that will cost you eternal separation from the Father.

God didn’t put His boundaries in place in order to take away our fun. Just as a parent might put a fence around his yard to give his toddler a place of safety, so our Father places His divine boundary markers so we can remain safely within His fold.

Whenever a child of God goes astray, the Holy Spirit stirs that believer’s heart, bringing conviction as to the sin in his life. Think about the boundaries in your own life. Are they God-made or have you attempted to “fudge” beyond His markers? Might be it’s time for you to embrace God’s boundaries again.

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