Saturday, August 25, 2012


I've been slaving away on a landscaping project today and, thanks to my handy and handsome husband Larry, we wrapped up in one day what would likely have taken me two or more on my own. Having given up on some areas that refused to grow grass under all our shade trees, we used rock, moss and mulch to cover the bald spots and hope to see the moss take hold and take off.

What turned out too great not to share were my rock "planters." I leaned and stacked rocks to form "planters" with openings in the center. Then here's the fab part: I used plastic shopping bags to hold the soil and plants I put into the openings! The bags keep the soil from escaping when I water the plants plus help retain the moisture. I sprinkled mulch over the exposed soil and any visible parts of the bags, so now they're neatly hidden inside the rocks and look really nice.

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