Monday, November 26, 2012


“Seventy years are given to us!
Some even live to eighty.
But even the best years are filled with pain and trouble;
soon they disappear, and we fly away.
Teach us to realize the brevity of life,
so that we may grow in wisdom”
(Psalm 90:10, 12, NLT).

Moses, with the weight of the entire people of Israel on his shoulders, penned the words of Psalm 90. The people had more fear of the enemy than confidence in the Lord, and the Lord was furious. Moses pleaded with the Lord and He relented of destroying the people. But they paid a great price for their lack of faith. The Lord pronounced His sentence:

“…as surely as I live, and as surely as the earth is filled with the Lord’s glory, not one of these people will ever enter that land. They have all seen My glorious presence and the miraculous signs I performed both in Egypt and in the wilderness, but again and again they have tested Me by refusing to listen to My voice. They will never even see the land I swore to give their ancestors. None of those who have treated Me with contempt will ever see it” (Numbers 14:21-23).

Only Caleb and Joshua, the two explorers who had believed God would give them the victory over anything that stood in the way of their taking possession of the Promised Land, would ever see their faith become reality.

Caleb and Joshua spoke in faith that they would possess the Promised Land, and they did. The rest of the people cried out, “If only we had died in Egypt, or even here in the wilderness!” (Numbers 14:2). Seems to me both groups got what they were expecting.

Words are powerful. Are you speaking negatives or positives?

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